Constitution of ASCO-INDIA

Continuing education and Competency based programs

Provides assurance to public
Adequate number of course hours
Competencies must be clearly defined.
Must reflect advancements in the field without forgetting basics
Verified attendance & Post-course testing

Need for a comprehensive Health Policy on Eye Care

Integration of professions for benefit of society
Ophthalmologist + Optometrist + Optician

National Council – Regulation

For the benefit and protection of the society
Registration of all professionals – let us get Exact details, then upgrade skills, knowledge
Education and Continuing education
Scope of practice and professional conduct
Bring order out of chaos

National Council for Optometry

Suggested Action Plan
Register all existing eye care practitioners
Bring all Optometry Institutes under one roof
Design common syllabus for modular courses
Implement Optician course through Institutes
Implement bridging courses for existing ECPs
National Board conducts competency based examinations for all courses
Help in achieving Vision 2020 aim of controlling refractive blindness in our country.

Training at 4 Year degree

Independent, primary health professionals
Eye examination including Refraction and prescribing glasses – core responsibility
Screen patients who require medical and surgical treatment for referral to doctors
Education and training of other personnel
Explore cost effective alternatives to current optical aids
Develop appropriate techniques for treatment of Amblyopic and Binocular Vision disorders

Important development

Information about University Grants Commission “approving” one Institute for B.Sc. Optometry course as a full time 4 year education program!