About Us

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) India is an organization committed to promoting, advancing and achieving excellence in optometry education in India.

Since its inception in 2006, ASCO has worked towards this vision by enhancing the standards of optometry education; publishing the ‘Common Minimum Optometry Curriculum’ for the first time; offering Fellowships in various specialties; organizing continuing education programs for students and faculty; representing the interests of Optometry Schools and Colleges by standardizing curriculum, establishing minimum standards for optometry colleges and enhancing their effort to produce well-qualified optometrists ready and capable of serving the public.

ASCO assists in establishing new colleges, when requested, by providing a blueprint and further hand-holding, if necessary. ASCO is the sounding board for issues relating to optometry profession and works with both national and international organizations to improve optometry education and practice. ASCO networks with the industry and identifies mutually beneficial projects and thus, creating a synergy between academics and industry.

our Mission

  • To create awareness of Optometry as an independent eye and health care profession in India.

  • To assist educational institutions to enhance the standard of Optometry education in India.

  • To provide continuing education for capacity building of educators and practitioners and organize conferences, seminars on Optometry and related topics.

  • To co-operate and affiliate with allied associations in India and abroad to achieve the common goal of betterment of Optometry in India.

  • Liaison with the Indian Government in standardizing curriculum, laying the standards for optometry colleges and standards of practice at different levels of Optometry.

Our Vision

  • To standardize optometry education in India and bring it to International standards.

  • To serve as a catalyst for excellence in teaching, facilitating innovative research and promoting evidence-based teaching.

  • To see Optometry as a regulated and legislated profession in India.