1. How will the fellowship help me?

    The Fellowship in a specialty will enhance your knowledge and skill through the blended learning approach where learning happens through assignments that require exhaustive self study. The mentor, an expert in the specialty, will guide you in your study throughout the Fellowship to get you ready for the final written exam.

  2. Are the personal contact sessions with the mentor during the fellowship compulsory?

    While it is not compulsory to take the contact sessions, it’s strongly recommended as it will help in a deeper understanding of the subject through interactions with the mentor, hands-on sessions and perhaps also special lecture sessions.

  3. Can I send all my assignments and case reports together?

    No. You should submit one at a time. Only upon acceptance of the first assignment by the mentor can a candidate submit the next one hence there can be no situation where all the submissions take place at one go.

  4. Can I complete the fellowship in 6 months?

    No, the fellowship is structured in a way that it is possible to complete all submissions in less than a year but not in 6 months.

  5. Will I get reminders for submissions?

    There will be no reminders from ASCO regarding the deadlines. The FASCO guideline provides all the information required along with the timeframe and you are expected to adhere to it.

  6. Is attending CMEs/workshops/conferences compulsory to garner credit points?

    Yes, it is mandatory to attend CMEs, conferences and workshops to earn the mandatory 10 credit points.

  7. Will the mentor help me with the submissions?

    The role of the mentor is to assist/guide you by way of clearing doubts and suggesting the appropriate reading material and not by providing answers.

  8. What if I fail to complete my fellowship in one year?

    You have up to 3 years to complete the fellowship. However, It’s in your best interest to complete the process in the stipulated one year period.

  9. When and where will the fellowship exam be conducted?

    The date and venue for the final examinations will be announced well in advance. For the convenience of the candidates, Asco will attempt to coincide it with any major CME/workshop/conference so as to save on exclusive travel by the candidate for the exam. In case this is not possible, then ASCO board will announce a venue based on proximity to majority of the candidates.

  10. What if I am unable to sit for the final exams despite being eligible for it ?

    You have upto 3 years to sit for the final written exam and viva to complete the Fellowship. Beyond this time period you have to re-register and start the fellowship process afresh.

  11. What if I fail the written exams and viva?

    If you fail you can reappear for the exam, both written and viva, by paying the exam fee only at the next available date announced by Asco.
    You have up to 3 years to complete the fellowship process beyond which you have to re-register and start the fellowship process afresh.